Prime team

Get to know our awesome staff!

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Billy Mcclenahan, PT

Billy is a movement specialist with experience treating wide variety of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders.

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Chase hoyer, Trainer

Chase has over 10 years of experience lifting. He trains both bodybuilding and powerlifting styles and offers customized programming tailored to your fitness goals.


Savana Melland, PT

Born and raised in Montana, Savana always had a passion for combining athletics and helping her patients through the rehab process.

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Chancellor Perry, Trainer

Chancellor is a USAF medic who’s currently studying exercise science at MSU with hopes of becoming a PT. He specializes in strength training with an emphasis on conditioning.

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Justin Whitten, Trainer

An elite junior powerlifter, working towards a masters in exercise physiology. Justin specializes in sports performance, strength and powerlifting training.


Britta young, PT AIde